Welcome to EduLabs

Welcome to EduLabs

Helping academics with interests in Computer Engineering and Informatics, System On Chip, ASIC design, Signal Processing and computing architectures find relevant materials, collaborate, give our students stimulating experiences and improve their learning outcomes.

There are various open education repositories for sharing learning resources, a variety of resources on open source community sites like GitHub or public site like YouTube, many local institutional web sites and even individual academic pages. Our desire is to do more than simply collate in an easily accessible place a collection of resources around Computer Engineering and Informatics, Signal Processing, ASIC and SoC design activity, it is to bring together the global academic community to provide mutual support to each other. Through collaboration and enabling connections between peers, we hope to improve and aid our teaching activities and through sharing improve the learning outcomes for all our students.

We look forward to collaborating with you.
Feel free to look at the resources we are collating, use the navigation scheme at the top of the page. When you feel confident you want to start sharing yourself then

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