How do I join?

Welcome to EduLabs. In order to help contribute to our global community you will need an account.

You can register for an account by clicking this link to take you to the register page. Please fill in the details below. A confirmation email will be sent to you. You will then need use the link in the email to activate your account.

How do I edit my profile?

Once logged in, you will have see a Profile item in the navigation bar. Here you can view your profile details. By clicking "Manage Profile" you can edit your profile.

When editing your profile, the "Details" tab allows you to edit the details provided at registration, you can add information like your department and organisation.

The next tab, "Profile", allows you to add information including the Profile Message which will be displayed on your "Card". It also allows you to register interests of choice, which other users can then use to find you via the navigation system.

The third tab allows you to manage your profile picture.

The final tab allows you to preview your "Card". This appears across EduLabs, including the "Latest potential collaborators" view on the home page and Interest pages you associate with.

How do I add my organisation?

If your organisation does not yet exist in EduLabs, you can add it by clicking the "New Organisation" option in the navigation bar.

How do I contribute a resource?

You can start adding a new resource by going to "Manage deposits" in the navigation bar and selecting either "New Item", "Import from GitHub" or "Import from x", where x is a dropdown of potential import formats.

You can then fill in details and upload files.

Once you are happy with the content, you can then deposit it.

Once deposited, a reviewer will review your contribution and either publish it or return it to you with feedback.

How do I create a comparison between two resources?

Item Comparisons allow you to take two resources and compare them side-by-side. These allow users to highlight interesting resources that feature similar content, e.g. a video vs slides on the same topic, or a more updated resource compared to an older one. Comments can be added, with bookmarks, so you can point other users to specific pages or timestamps of interest. You can view Item Comparisons created by other users in the "Other" menu.

You can also create your own if you have some interesting comparisons. This will allow others to view your comparison, leave comments, etc.

When creating your own (accessible by the navigation bar), you will be asked to select the resource documents, provide a name and select relevant interests and subjects.

Once you are happy with the comparison, you can then "submit" it. This will allow anyone to view your item comparison and add comments.