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Chitkara University Punjab

Chitkara University is NAAC A+ accredited university established in a Punjab under UGC Act 1956. From business management programs to programs in nursing and medical laboratory technologies; and from computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering programs, to hotel management and architecture—Chitkara University, Punjab is a veritable cornucopia of educational services. The Curriculum is delivered in spacious, amphitheatre-style classrooms—fitted with modern information and communication technology (ICT) equipment—and in well-equipped, modern laboratories. Additionally, students are encouraged—and provided relevant facilities—to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through various clubs and societies on the campus.


Digital University Kerala

The vision of the University is to become a global destination of repute in Digital Education and Research and to become an academic leader by nurturing futuristic talents capable of developing innovative and sustainable solutions for the industry, Governments, and society at large.

The motto of the University is to ‘Curate a Responsible Digital World.’ The development and application of Digital Technologies for social good is the underlying mission of the University. Towards this, the University shall focus on four themes of action, namely Computing, Intelligence, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship; the first two themes shall form the focus area of work, and the next two themes act as guiding light for the overall mission while designing programs, developing products and services as well as for providing training and extension activities. The University shall catalyze technical advances that promote the welfare of society.


Hindustan University

About Hindustan University

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering established in the year 1992, has a long-standing tradition of excellence. Electrical and Electronics Engineering department offers B.Tech.in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, M.Tech.in EEE with specialization in Smart Grid and Electric Vehicle Technology and PhD programs. The department is multi-disciplinary with faculty expertise ranging from power electronics, power systems, embedded systems, control systems, and applied electronics. The department regularly organizes activities and events to enhance the quality of education and upgrade the skills of faculty and students.The department has well established laboratories as well as good infrastructure to carry out research.

B Tech (EEE) is accredited by National Board of Accreditationfor impartingHighest Quality of Education in India.

The department strives to develop as a centre of excellence in R&D in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The department has one ongoing International funded project in collaboration with University of Leeds, UK and Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. In addition, the department has 9 Funded Research and consultancy projects worth 2.0 crores from major National funding agencies. Six patents are granted and four patents are published by our faculty. We provide innovative solutions to industries and focus on innovative product development.

In the recent years, the development of new technologies like electric vehicle, smart grid, nanotechnology applications, have opened numerous opportunities to electrical engineers. Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a major contributor in the field of mechatronics, sophisticated smart vehicles and manufacturing sector. Electrical engineers can contribute to the interdisciplinary areas that require blending of mechanical engineering, control engineering, computer engineering, communications and electronics. The future developments in the industry are also predicted to be along the similar lines.


RV University

The School of Computer Science and Engineering (SoCSE) focuses on problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, communication, entrepreneurship & data science to deal withVUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world. All programmes of the school offer an opportunity to the students to work closely with all stakeholders – industries, government policymakers, researchers, think tanks and global organisations.


  • Focussed on imparting 21st century skills through experiential, holistic learning rather than exam-oriented rote learning.
  • Guide on the Side model of pedagogy to build impressive portfolios.
  • Learn and Earn from 2nd Semester onwards – Portfolio Building.
  • Advisory Board with eminent academicians, industry leaders and entrepreneurs to drive the vision of the department.
  • Curriculum supports interdisciplinary studies with minors from other schools.
  • Curriculum includes internships and student exchange programs with foreign universities.

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